Dental Diamond is a young practice which employes professionals from different backgrounds. The practice in Wateringse Veld has recently been renovated and the practice in The Hague has recently opened. Both practices make use of modern technology. We maintain extended opening hours as we are also open on Saturdays. There is no waiting list and patients in need will always get an appointment as quick as possible, most often on the same day. 

To make it easier for our patients, we have ensured that we offer many expertises under one roof. We offer general dentistry, dental cleanings, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, endodontics and more. 

NEW! From now on Dental Diamond also offers surgical treatments such as implants, extractions and laser treatments.

Because we find it important that everyone has the opportunity to have beautiful, and above all, healthy teeth, every patient at Dental Diamond receives a personal treatment plan. We take the time to prepare and go through this plan extensively so that everything is clear for our patients. We also take a look at the insurance and how it reimburses the treatments to be performed. In some cases we advise to divide the treatments over 2 years to ensure that the patient pays as little personal contribution as possible.

Everyone is welcome at Dental Diamond. We treat people of all ages!

Our Team


Adelina Lazu

BIG number   

Ana Matas

Dentist for Kids
BIG number   59919396702  

Fariah Gaba

BIG number

Hector Rodriguez

BIG number 

Ina Gjata

BIG number  


Joao Primo

Dentist for Surgery and Implantology
BIG number  


Lula Walteros

BIG number

Maysa Ammouri

BIG number  


Rameen Tahir

Dentist under supervison

 Theodora Florica

 Dentist under supervison 

Mouth hygienist / Prevention

Acelya Sahin

Prevention assistant 

Asha Abdillahi

Prevention assistant 

Faye de Jager

Prevention assistant 

Fidan Güngören 

Intern - Student Mouth hygienist

Kawtar el Yandouzi

Mouth hygienist
BIG number 59928454679 

Melody Egberts

Paro-prevention assistant

Sara Zahmatkesh

Paro-prevention assistant


Abdulla Abu Alsel

Cindy van Tiggelen

Maaike Hoek

Pedro Ferreira Lima

Rojin Celik - stagiaire


Romy van Middelkoop

Tessa Paardekooper

Tibisay Santos


Hector Rodriguez

Practice owner

Melanie Weijermans

Financial Manager

Gianluca Dinsbach 

Practice Manager


Teresa Ponte Pestaña

Interior attendant