Dental Diamond offers 2 kinds of clear aligner treatments as replacement for regular orthodontics: 

- Invisalign
- SureSmile

This treatment consists of a series of custom-made, almost invisible plastic covers (aligners) that are placed over your teeth. The aligners ensure that the teeth are gradually moved to the desired position.

Ask the dentist what the best option is for your teeth. 


SureSmile® Clear Aligners uses advanced technology and certified materials to offer a made to size, comfortable fitting from the first aligner up to the last. SureSmile® Aligners  

promote better oral hygiene and you will visibly enjoy straighter teeth and a more confident, radiant smile.  


Treatment with Invisalign® Clear Aligners is a discreet, fast, comfortable and predictable method of dental correction. Whatever your age, Invisalign® Clear Aligners can give you a smile to be proud of.