Crowns and Bridges

A crown is a special artificial cap made from metal or porcelain (or both) that is fitted over a damaged or root filled tooth. The crown is of one piece and gives more strength and protection to the tooth under the crown. Your dentist will ensure that the crown is adjusted to the shape and colour of your natural tooth or teeth. As a result it remains naturally as  one piece and fits perfectly within your mouth.


The duration of treatment depends on the damage to the tooth or teeth and whether preparatory treatment of the tooth must take place first. For example, this is with a filling or root canal treatment. If a large part of the tooth is missing, the crown is sometimes attached in the root canal with a pin.

The dentist will grind a large part of the tooth. This usually occurs with the under anesthetic, to ensure you do not suffer any pain. After that, your dentist will make an accurate imprint/mold of the tooth or teeth to be treated using a soft material mold. Sometimes a thin wire is used to hold the gums of the tooth so that the print can be accurately made. A dental technician uses the print to ensure they make it of the correct height and size.

Until the crown can finally be finished, a temporary crown will be placed on your tooth or teeth. You can still eat and chew with a temporary crown, but the temporary crown will not be as strong as the final result. When the crown is finally fixed, your dentist will perform a few small actions to ensure sure you can perfectly bite. The crown is initially fitted appropriately and then it is attached with a specially determined cement.

After the treatment, the crown will likely remain for many years to come, depending on the health of the tooth or teeth underneath it. It is important to know that a crown does not make the tooth completely insusceptible to tooth decay. Thus, the tooth must be kept clean. It is possible that the cement where the crown is attached deteriorates.d, subsequently leading to the crown unfastening from its location. If this occurs, contact your dentist immediately. The dentist can then reattach your crown.


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